17th century gondola

the most famous on the Grand Canal red carpet

The gondola is the boat by definition in Venice. The specimen in our fleet is the result of an accurate historical reconstruction of a 17th century version. This project, conceived by historian Gilberto Penzo and headed by shipwright Matteo Tomaia, is based on two seventeenth century documents prepared by Theodoro De Nicolò and Stefano De Zuane and kept in the Marciana Library, which faithfully record the measurements of the gondolas built at the time.

immagine flotta

The characteristic prow-head and the traditional felze, a small movable cabin to protect the passengers, were reproduced on the basis of archaeological finds and painted in master Alessandro Elvas’s art workshop.

immagine flotta
immagine flotta

The fittings and the fabric of the cabin were designed and handmade by craftsman Stefano Nicolao in his studio after a careful study of the materials used in the 17th century.

The result of this wonderful marine archaeology project was donated to Gloria Rogliani of the Venice Craft Federation as a “Project for the City” award in acknowledgement of her efforts to introduce young people to rowing and Venetian traditions.




Batea da Fresco

An unusual Venice, from an unique perspective

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