Batea da Fresco

a brightly coloured dot on the Venetian canals

The Venetian maritime tradition is a very old one and has given life to a large variety of craft, rigorously piloted using the one-oar rowing technique. The Batea da Fresco – “Fresh Air Boat” - is prominent among these, with its warm, bright colours and tapering shape. It is a flat-bottomed boat which nobles and patricians began using during the time of the Most Serene Republic to move along the narrow lagoon canals in the summer in the search for fresh air.

immagine flotta

This custom was handed down in time and is still commemorated in our own days during feast days and special events; these boats are mainly seen on the feast day of the Redeemer, a popular Venetian festivity on the island of Giudecca.



17th century gondola


An unusual Venice, from an unique perspective

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