Gloria Roglianithe feminine face of the Venetian rowing style

Gloria Rogliani’s passion for Venetian rowing sparked in 1986 when she decided
to take part in the Venetian Historical Regatta, having been driven by the desire
to learn all about her city’s roots. She won her first victory
in a rowing race, after only six months of training: this was the beginning of
a long train of successes and of a great love.

regata storica

Gloria and the
Historical Regatta

The Historical Regatta is one of the most spectacular, picturesque and enthralling moments
in the life of the City of Venice. The races, which are held along the Grand Canal,
are preceded by a grandiose commemoration of an event in the City’s history.
Gloria has won more prizes than any other woman,
holding the record of first places: 18 out of 21 races.

regata storica 01
regata storica 02
regata storica 03
regata storica 04
regata storica 05
regata storica 06

An unequalled record
in women’s Venetian rowing

bandierina bandierina bandierina bandierina bandierina bandierina

first places in the
Historical Regatta

+300 times on the podium
in rowing competitions

Gloria the custodian
of tradition

Driven by an unconditional love of Venice, in addition to her
sporting career Gloria has been intensively active for years in promoting
her city’s sport and traditions, especially by training younger people
through the Voga Camp and Laguna Baby institutions.

Founder of the Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Polisportiva Veneziana,
an amateur sports club, she is the first woman to have become chair
of the committee which awards the official title of gondolier and has also
been the chair of the Venice Regatta Participants Association since 2013.


“During my sporting career, while I rowed in the tough
training sessions, I got the chance to discover
hidden corners of the lagoon which I did not dream existed,
even being a citizen of Venice.

There they were in front of my eyes,
never noticed before, bright colours and
unknown scents that I tried to fix in my memory

so that I could go back and relive them afterwards.

An unknown Venice which, thanks to Dogaressa,
I want to share now with those who love my city.”

Dogaressa tours

The Dogaressa tours are based on Gloria’s experiences in her Venice
and do not only go to the Grand Canal, St Mark’s Square, Rialto
and Murano but also to spots that are alternative to the usual tourist trails.

Starting off from the Cavana Tintoretto, the Dogaressa experiences wind
along the canals of the city and to the islands further out in the quest for little-known views,
places that have made the history of the city and century-old traditions recounted
in the first person by personalities who hold the knowledge of them.

Cavana Tintoretto

Temple of Venetian rowing

In Cannaregio, a district remote from mass tourism, Gloria has
created the Cavana Tintoretto, named in homage to the famous Venetian
painter who lived nearby. The Cavana Tintoretto is a boat shelter
and the logistic centre of the activities of Dogaressa Tours.
It is a place with a strong sense of Venetian identity in which visitors
can meet and experience the city’s real traditions.

attraverso la voga veneta

"Through Venetian style rowing I have met people who cared for treasures of immeasurable value. History and traditions to pass down to the younger generations in order to preserve the frail equilibrium and identity of a city which is unique in the world."
venetian rowing

An unusual Venice, from an unique perspective

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