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Away from the tourist tracks

Dogaressa tours

Based on an idea by Gloria Rogliani, rowing champion and a true blooded Venetian,
a range of tours have evolved to discover the beauty and the traditions
of the most beautiful city in the world. On board authentic Venetian boats,
17th century gondola, the “Batea da Fresco” – translated as “the Fresh boat” and the “Bragòzzo”.

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the boats

Behind the Dogaressa project is a love for the city and its traditions.
For this reason every tour will use a typical Venetian craft.
“Batea da Fresco”, “Bragòzzo”, and the "17th century gondola". With which the guests
will try a unique experience navigating within the Venetian canals
how it was done in past centuries.

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Gloria Rogliani

Gloria Rogliani

With more than 300 winning flags and 6 1st places at the prestigious
Regata Storica she is the female face of Venetian rowing. A true Venetian,
for years she has been promoting the art of Venetian Rowing and the
rediscovery of the antique traditions of the lagoon.

An unusual Venice, from an unique perspective

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